Pruning Training

It is the pruning that efectuamostanto to trees as shrubs in their younger states in order to create a form or concrete structure . Previously we must establish which is the correct form that we will give to the tree or bush and will be removing unwanted branches. In case of wanting to form complex structures we will use guides of both metal and wood where we will fix the selected branches.


The grips are the cuts of tender branches that are made by lowering outbreaks between five and ten centimeters, in order to reduce the volume of the plant and cause the development of new lateral branches that provide density and opacity to shrub or tree. The number of grips that require a shrub or tree it will be directly related to the vigor of the plant to prune . If they are very vigorous they will require a large number of grips a year, and to the few vigorous ones of slow growth it will suffice to make them a single annual pinch.

Sanitation pruning

Sanitation pruning is to remove dry and broken branches of Trees s. The removal of these damaged branches is necessary since over time the presence of dry branches and broken can be a danger because they present a high potential of fall and therefore can cause material and personal damages.

Pruning of fruiting

It is done to fruit trees and involves making a pruning, depending on the species of fruit tree pruning, in order to balance the number of flower buds with the number of buds wood , based on the principle of a piece of fruit Requires forty mature leaves to develop an adequate size and quality. Adapting this principle to each species of fruit tree, it will be necessary to carry out the pruning according to the obtaining of fruits of size and optimum qualities.

Pruning after flowering

Many species of shrubs bloom on old buds in early spring. If we can shrub these during the winter months, we will reduce considerably the number of flower buds and therefore the flowering will not be so spectacular. In this type of bushes spring floral explosion will make the necessary pruning once flowering has wilted , but before the buds wooden activated and begin to develop.

Pruning rejuvenation

Plants that have not been followed up and abandoned over time have been able to develop an excessive and anarchic volume. In these cases it may be that careless plant scale we have gone and therefore it is necessary to perform a rejuvenation pruning. First will reduce dry and crisscrossing branches, eliminating the most aged and debilitated branches . The cuts of thick branches we will make them respecting a guide after savias.

Flowering pruning

The planting of many shrubs is done in order to obtain maximum flowering. This is the case of shrubs such as hydrangeas and roses . To obtain a quality flowering it is necessary to prune these shrubs annually. The pruning will differ in each species, being necessary to know what the pruning requirements of each shrub.



Aphids – Insects that attack a wide variety of plants. They measure from 0.5 to 6 mm. They may have ocher, yellow, green or black. They are grouped in colonies on tender buds, on leaves and flowers. They cause direct damages by absorbing the sap, deforming the leaves. They generate a mellow secretion in which the Negrilla can develop and attract the ants, which help spread the plague by moving from one place to another to the individuals without wings. In addition, aphids can transmit viruses and other diseases.

They fight biologically with natural predators such as ladybird or hoverflies. For the chemical treatment there are several products on the market that should be alternated so that no resistance is generated. These can be contact or systemic. They should be applied as soon as the first colonies are observed.


Chlorosis – Symptoms: the green color of the leaves turn yellow and the plant loses vigor.

Causes: It is because there are difficulties in the formation of chlorophyll. It can have different origins that produce the same effect. It is usually due to the excess or lack of some element. The lack of iron in the soil hinders the formation of chlorophyll. If there is an excess of lime fixing the iron is prevented and the same symptoms occur. It is also possible that the cause is in the roots if they suffer attacks from parasites or are in poor soils with excess water, poor Airy, too dense, etc.

Solutions: The chlorosis can be corrected only if we act on the causes. Adding iron sulphate to the soil corrects its lack. For limestone soils, it is also convenient to incorporate fertilizers based on organic matter that attenuate the action of lime. In this case it is also advisable to provide iron, in a chelated form and by spraying it on the foliage, to facilitate its absorption. Care should be taken not to produce dose leaf burn.
If the problem is on the ground must improve its quality by fertilizer, aeration, etc.


We just don’t live with nature, in actual we are a part of nature, hence we will have that urge to associate ourselves with it and this can be done by having a beautiful garden around our home.

Garden designing gives a touch of your personality to the house. It adds-on to its beauty and makes our home and its environment very desirable. One can have the traditional arrangement or a touch of country gardens. One can have a romantic touch or saint’s attire. One can live their cottage fantasy by garden designing and styling.

If you prefer country garden one should look for beautiful, easy-care plants that would provide blooms all summer long. You can take reference from Country Gardens Magazine Garden Awards and can even check out their past winners. One can even have their own border garden.

Apart from your house, this garden designing and styling makes your house, home in true senses as this will educate your kids about loving nature. Moreover, it will give them a better place for their childhood games.

Also, having grass is an integral part of any garden, and based on your garden, backyards and pathway needs, there are different types of grass varieties available and these can even be implanted in your garden.



Though we all go out and spend almost a bigger part of a day outside, at the end of it, we all definitely need one place to shelter and take rest and this why we all have a place to dwell with in the name of a home. And when it comes to a home, it doesn’t end with owning it or taking rest within it and involves a constant and patient effort in maintaining it so that it stays as a good place to live and if not maintained properly it would become unsuitable to live in and can take a toll on our health.

If it is going to be just maintaining the home we will get bored soon and would stop doing it and hence we need to focus on home improvement, because when we keep improving our home, maintaining it falls in place and home improvement is an interesting and very creative thing that keeps us engaged and stay motivated.

When it comes to home improvement it does not stop with interior decoration and hanging paintings and aligning things inside the home, it also should be extended to keeping the surroundings of our home clean and green, so that we shall get fresh air and a healthy environment that shall keep us cheerful and lively all the time during our stay in and around the home.

To maintain the garden or plants and trees that grow around our home we may need to cut down few, make them in shape and for that chainsaws will be very useful. However, as chainsaw are products which people need more information to understand on how to use and how to choose the best chainsaw to buy, it is better to read reviews on various chainsaws available in the market and then buy one.



A sweet home will have to have garden and right home products to decorate their home and to make it look special and different from others. Garden is something which gives a pleasant look to a home. And the most significant contribution to home improvement is a good garden.

A colorful lush green Garden and garden Furniture makes a look rich and comfortable for people visiting our home. Also, a beautiful looking well maintained garden has a plenty of things to offer for any individual and the first thing is it gives peace of mind, a good hobby and above all increases fresh air around home and thus improves health of the people at home. Hence buying the right home and garden products makes a complete home.

People can buy products from being in their home itself by ordering online. They have to just do a research on the online stores that offer good and value worth products to have their home decorated and order them. Even if a person wishes to have their home improvement done after a few years also can try for the stores online that offer the best products for home and garden and buy them. This makes life easier and also saves time.



No matter what be the size of our home or what it is worth of, our home is always special to us. Not just because that we just dwell, we actually live in it and that makes it so special for us. To let that feel last longer as long as we live there we have to maintain it and make it more sustainable. Sustainable means making something last longer and this can happen only by putting regular efforts every now and then to take care of something. If you are looking for how can I make my home more sustainable then here are 5 ways to do that.

  • First thing is to avoid using of chemicals that can cause excess damage to floors and walls when we use them to clean the home and for this we can sue nontoxic natural cleansers.
  • Second always try to use reusable and recyclable kind of products for your home.
  • Try to reduce wastages and take enormous care in properly disposing them.
  • Make the environment around your home pleasant through gardening.
  • Within your homes and in terraces, balconies and verandahs try landscaping, especially in the sidewalksand corners and regular maintain them.



There few activities and having them as your hobby can keep your mind and body young and at the same time can add more value to your life and will make you earn the respect of people around. Apart from sports and outdoor activities, one of such previously mentioned activities is Gardening and landscaping.

Gardening adds more value to our homes and gives us a pleasant feel whenever we take a look at it and it is also good for health too. When it comes to gardening there are two kinds, indoor gardening and outdoor gardening.

Landscaping is also a part of gardening and here are few effective ways of creating a stunning landscape. Make a design of the landscape, then list of the plants and scrubs that you are planning to use.

Get the best and suitable soil for it by consulting with a professional gardener and landscaper. Based on the space available, decide the height, slope, the grass you are planning to use. Exploring different colors of grass and mixing them can help you to get new designs. First try out a portable sample and then place them wherever you want it like in corners, sideways, balconies and verandahs.



Charity begins at home! In today’s modern era we are facing many problems of global warming, environmental pollution and other threatening issues. One’s simple effort in this direction can help saves earth resources. Small changes in our day to day life can save a lot of power and energy resources. Go Green, start recycling waste products. They actually save a lot of resources on the broader scale.

Start the consumption of natural gas. Wastage of water and electricity should be prioritized. Afforestation should be implemented and paper should be saved. Usage of plastic and unhealthy paints should be avoided. One should use energy efficient appliance and develop the habit of maintain and monitoring the thermostat temperature of their premises. These small habits will save earth and its resources for our future generation!

For this, few simple efforts are planting more trees and a small garden in our home, even if there is no space, small plants like bonsai trees or pot plants can be placed in balconies and verandahs. And latest lush green grasses that can be implanted can be placed in backyards. Through these ways the house can be made greener and we shall feel more pleasant during our stay over there.



Outdoor paving comes in a variety of materials that can be used for designing the garden so there should be little difficulty in selecting supplies that fit the design and meet the planned costs. Many of the paving materials are adaptable for use on paths, patios, decks and driveways. Some materials are appropriate for specific purposes such as tile, which can be used for pool decks but are not strong enough for a driveway.

Choose the right paving

The condition of the yard and the effect to be created are important when making a decision about an outdoor paving design. A simple pattern will be most effective in making a small yard look bigger. Little paves are best for fashioning an attractive design and are successful in a larger yard, but in a confined space they would result in a busy design that would make a patio look smaller.

Paves come in a variety of material. These include natural stone, brick, flagstone, concrete, interlocking and permeable paves. Precast stones are popular because they are less expensive and versatile to use. Interlocking paves are available in a variety of colours and shapes that create a paving pattern.

Precast unit paves provide a uniform look such as brick rectangles or squares. Tumbled precast paver units are produced to give a natural, aged look. Open cell paves are constructed to permit water to seep through the openings of the paves. Turf paves provide for driving over the lawn. Stone paves developed before the war and are cut from stone squares. Often a professional paving company will be able to help you with the type of modern paving available.

Do It Yourself or Hire a Paving Company?

The homeowner has to decide whether to do the work or hire a company to add paving to the landscape. A 10 by 12 foot patio made of stone paves would cost over £1,000 including material and labour. A DIY project would cost approximately £300 with the sand, gravel and paves. But the job is intensive as the paves are heavy.

The job takes time and physical endurance as the lawn has to be removed, and the paves design has to be marked with guide boards. After the gravel is spread and leveled, the layer of sand has to be compacted. The paves are then placed based on the design, evened, spread with sand and then secured with grout.

Whether the homeowner chooses to hire a landscaper or to create a landscape design with paving, the results will enhance the yard and house.



Anything that has a value and we use needs to be treated with care and protected. Only then it would give us a sustainable benefit and shall be with us for a long time. Two things shall happen to any object as a result of not being maintained and not protected, one is it will become useless by decaying or getting damaged and the other it may get stolen or will go out of our control. Either of them makes us from not being able to reap its value and benefit.

One of the few things which is considered highly valuable are properties such as buildings, lands, farms, plots, estates and many more of that sort. May be that is why these are termed as assets and these shall increase in value over time too. By protecting them well the value of these assets shall increase more. The best way to protect any property of this sort is through a good fencing.

Fence acts as a security tool and an important part that decorates the house. There are different kinds of fencing available and with a good Ohio fence builders property owners can get the right kind of fencing suitable for their property. Different kinds of maintenance are to be carried out for different types of fences.

Wooden fence: Living materials like wood need special maintenance as they get easily damaged by external attacks. On continuous exposure to moisture the wood becomes moldy and gets rot if not protected promptly. Fine boards need regular annual maintenance. Applying water proof sealant, fungicide, insecticide protects them from moisture and sunlight.

Fence with bamboo panels needs basic varnish and the protection duration increases according to the thickness of the varnishing coating. Exotic wood does not need maintenance but it may become grey due to light exposure.

Plant Fences: Plant fences need continuous maintenance. These are constantly changing natural living things. They will wither quickly if not maintained regularly with watering, fertilizing and pruning. Some plants have to be protected from frost during winter and they have to be watered well during summer.

Iron fences (Protect from oxidation): Similar to wood, iron does not withstand continuous moisture and difficult to maintain. Wrought iron can be used for fencing coated with polyurethane paint. Several layers of anti rust paint have to be applied after cleaning and sanding the iron fence, once in two to four years.

Aluminum fencing: They are easy to maintain, just hosing water is enough. They are suitable for all types of grounds and require less maintenance.

Carefully monitor your fence condition, prevent it from weather damage and avoid costly repairs.